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April 28, 2012
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Linzi by UndeadKitty13 Linzi by UndeadKitty13
Linzi helps bring life to the world after its slumber though the winter. just like her sister Taurus, Linzi brings knowledge to the mortals, she taught mortals which herbs to use as medicine and how to heal wounds.

but is now considered to be the source of witchcraft and the black arts. lies told to the mortals by an evil being. almost all of her teaching were outlawed and any caught practicing them were put to death

thought she does not hate the mortals, Linzi has become wary of them, avoiding them as much as she can.

the few that still believe in Linzi fear that she might return to the heavens and leave the earth in an eternal winter slumber. the people do what they can to protect her and show her that mortals are worth saving.

well here we go the horse zodiac
im also putting this in the :iconmyths-and-fantasy: earth contest
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wait are the western zodiacs in the same storyline as the eastern zodiacs?
yes they are
east meet west kinda thing
I like the design, but it seems like feet that pointy would stab into most sorts of ground and make walking tough, unless she's like really tiny? Or the explanation is 'magic creature can ignore physics'
i know to some it may seem like a cop out to say
magic creature can ignore physics to explain weird anatomy

but seeing how they live outside time,space,can create forest with a mere thought, come in to being from nothing and all that jazz that they wouldnt follow our logic
but i do put in some anatomy in there also that since i gave her a more tree like appearance, giving her hooves looked kinda odd (but a tree in the form of a horse is completely normal) and i also did it to kinda give a sense of agility.
i guess moving with such grace she doesnt need feet
I wasn't trying to give you a hard time or anything, I was honestly just asking.
no no its no problem
i do have the habit to over thinking my drawings
so some people may be a bit confused on what im trying to show
im trying to calm down a bit with my drawings
feel free to ask away :D
SvalaW Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The design is pretty awesome. I also like that you added so many details to the bark and green leaves/bushes.
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